Holloween is coming!


Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31st. The word comes from All Hallows Eve (All Saints Eve). The origin of the festival traces back to an old Celtic tradition. The Celts believed that ghosts and witches came back to earth at the end of the summer and they dressed up to frighten them. The Celtic custom later became an amusing opportunity for a Holiday in England and was brought to the United States by the English settlers. In the last few years the Holiday has become more and more popular and people celebrate Halloween parties almost everywhere.

At Halloween Jack o’lanterns are placed outside most houses to scare the evil spirits away. Jack o’lanterns are made by carving out pumpkins and placing a candle inside which shines through the eyes and mouth of a carved face. They are the most typical symbol of Halloween. The Irish were the first to make lanterns from carved turnips or potatoes in memory of Jack. According to a legend Jack was an Irishman Condemned to wander over the earth forever, carrying a lantern, because of his mania for playing pranks. On the night of October 31st children dress up as goblins, skeletons, zombies, ghosts and all sorts of frightening monsters. They go from house to house calling for a trick and treat in America and saying Soul! Soul! in England.

In the last few years Halloween has become more and more popular among French and Italian children who celebrate Halloween parties on October 31st. The greatest Halloween celebrations are organized in the US where spooky creatures animate special shows and participate in live music concerts, photographic exhibitions and theme parties with prizes for the best costumes.




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