Sports in Britain


cricket-batsmanCricket, the most typical British game, is an outdoor game also played in Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, Zimbabwe and New Zealand.
It is played by two teams, made up of eleven players, and two umpires. The players have different roles, they play as bowlers, fielders and batsmen. The blower throws the ball and the batsman has to hit it with his wooden bat. The purpose of the bowler is to hit the batsman’s stumps to get him “out”. The batsman, on the other hand, after having hit the ball, has to run as fast as he can towards the opposite end of the pitch, to score a run.When a batsman is out, one of the players waiting his turn starts playing.
There are several cricket clubs in England, but the most famous and important is Marylebone Cricket Club, located in Lord’s cricket ground in north London.



guinnessSixNations_003It is today the most dangerous sport in Britain because of the number of serious injuries players receive. Like football it is played by two teams, but the ball of the players use is oval. Rugby is a summer game, the Super League final is held in September.




chelsea-team-16136-hd-wallpapersThe Welsh like rugby, the English love football, the Irish prefer Irish football.
Irish football is a mixture between soccer and rugby. Football was invented by the British and it is the most popular sport in England. It is played by two teams of eleven players using a round ball. The purpose of the players is to score goals by kicking the ball into a net. The final competition of the best teams, the Cup Final, is held at Wembley Stadium, London.
Almost every town has its own team and some English football teams (Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Newcastle and Tottenham) are famous all over the world.
Holligans have riots in the streets, they use iron bars, knives and chains as weapons to fight with the opposing supporters. The problem of holliganism became one of the major political issue in 1985. A tragedy took place at Heysel stadium where violence broke out after the Juventus-Liverpool match.


golfIt is a game where players use long sticks called clubs to hit a small hard ball into holes. It is played in large areas of grassy fields. It was invented in Scotland. The first trace of the game dates back to 1457 and is found in the Acts of the Scottish Parliament. Golf became popular with James VI of Scotland. The Royal and the Ancient Golf Club and the Old Course are both the most famous golf clubs in Great Britain. They are located in St. Andrews, a small Scottish town. The world’s oldest golf club is in London.



Polo_03It is a game played by two teams on horse-back. The players use wooden hammers with handles to hit a ball.







RESULTS-OF-FIRST-ROUND-NATIONAL-TENNIS-CHAMPIONSHIPIt was introduced into England from France in the 15th century and was first played as a modern lawn tennis in 1873. Today it is played in most secondary schools.
The annual Wimbledon fortnight, held in the summer, is the main event of the lawn tennis season. Country championships and national competitions are also held. International events also include the Davis Cup, Kings Cup and Federation Cup. Players of many nationalities take part in the international events.



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